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Can I edit my listing?

Your listing can be changed at any time. However, the changes made do not result in the reclassification of your listing. In other words, your ad will not be bumped up to the top position in the "Search Results". Also note that Publimaison.caTM does not allow users to delete a listing and then resubmit it in order to benefit from being reclassified as a ‘new listing’ so as to appear in the results of searches done using the “most recent” criterion. Once registered in the system, a street address cannot be reused for 30 days.
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Can I see how many times my listing has been viewed?

Yes, this statistic, as well as many other options, can be purchased as a pick-and-pay option (“Analytics”) or as part of one of our many packages.
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Emails Communication (Bill C-28)

Publimaison, like every web-based company, uses emails to communicate and provide services to its customers.  By creating a profile, you automatically accept to receive e-mail communications from potential buyers and/or Publimaison. You may withdraw your consent at any time but, by doing so, you will stop receiving important information about your listing.
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How can I avoid fraud and phishing scams?

Wanting to guarantee the security of its users, Publimaison keeps a very watchful eye out for fraud. We also count on the help of our users to assist us in identifying suspicious ads and e-mails and, in doing so, avoid compromising actions.
1. If you receive a request from someone for a money transfer through a funds transfer service or intermediary service (Western Union, PayPal, Bidpay, etc.), we strongly recommend that you end all contact with that person and send us the messages exchanged via the section Contact.
2. If you receive a suspicious e-mail or if you notice an ad that is very clearly fabricated, don't take any chances. Report it to us in the section Contact.
3. When you are alert to the possibility of fraudulent requests, they can be easily outplayed. Here are a few tips to help you recognize them:
-The buyer says that he or she is abroad and prefers communicating through social networks;
-The buyer insists that you respond quickly;
-The buyer communicates with poorly constructed sentences, etc.
4. Do not hesitate to ask questions of the person who contacts you. For example, you can ask where he or she lives, why the property is of interest, etc.
5. Give preference to local buyers and exercise caution with buyers who want to conduct transactions other than locally.
4. You are your own best ally. Be on your guard and never disclose your personal information (age, sex, income, etc.), your banking information, or your Publimaison account password.
5. If a buyer wants to purchase your property without any negotiating whatsoever, be extra cautious. Exercise the same caution with foreign buyers who want to buy your property without ever having visited it.
Our team strives to carefully verify all content that is reported. If you have any doubts, do not take any chances. If you suspect that you may be the target or victim of fraud, you should report it to the following institutions:
The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

Reporting Economic Crime On-Line (RECOL)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
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How can I become a Publimaison partner advertiser?

Nothing could be easier. Go to the "Advertise with us" section for relevant details and, as required, contact us for more information.
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How can I contact you?

If the above FAQs do not provide you with the answers to your questions, or if you wish to report a technical problem, you can email us at serviceclientele@Publimaison.ca. Our team will be happy to respond to your query as soon as possible.
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How can I purchase a package upgrade or "pick-and-pay" options?

You can easily purchase  "pick-and-pay" options or a package at any time:

• When submitting your listing, you can add options and/or a package simply by selecting them and placing them in your shopping cart.

• Once your listing is online, you can choose to add "pick-and-pay" options or a package at any time that suits your needs.

Packages and "pick-and-pay" options are available only in the My Profile section.

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How do I become a member?

Becoming a member of PublimaisonTM is easy! You simply click on the "My Profile" tab on the website’s home page. Then provide the basic information required to create your account and, in just a few seconds, you’re good to go!
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How does PublimaisonTM calculate the price per square foot displayed on listings?

The price per square foot is calculated according to industry standards. It includes the main living areas of a property, (the ground floor and other floors and spaces), but excludes the basement and garage. The price per square foot is calculated automatically by the system based on the room sizes indicated on the cutsheet. If you list a property, it’s important to detail all its rooms and living spaces, such as walk-ins, entrance halls, and so on.
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How is Publimaison™ able to offer FREE listings to customers?

Just like Kijiji, Facebook and Google*, PublimaisonTM was designed to be FREE for users. The technology required to maintain and publicize our site is very expensive, amounting to an investment of almost half a million dollars in the past year alone. That’s why users of our website see advertisers’ messages while browsing different pages. By seeking advertising revenue for our site we are able to offer our basic service totally FREE OF CHARGE.

* Kijiji, Facebook and Google are registered trademarks used under license

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I am a real estate broker. How do I get the automated transfer of my listings?

There are two simple ways to transfer registered listings for brokers:
  1. The owner of the agency for which you work may agree to transfer all listings for all brokers automatically. If so, the broker does nothing in this regard.
  2. An individual broker may decide to authorize the transfer of all his/her listings but must, however, first obtain the authorization of the director of the real estate agency.
In order to transferring your listings, please click here.

IMPORTANT! For real estate brokers, two signatures are required: yours and that of your agency’s director.
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I forgot my password. What should I do?

When you forget your password, click on the "Forgot my password" link in the "Member Sign in" area. Just enter your email address and click Submit. An email will be sent with the procedure for resetting your password. This procedure is totally secure. Note: PublimaisonTM does not store passwords and our customer service thus cannot help you retrieve yours.
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Privacy Policy (Law 25)

Publimaison is responsible for maintaining and protecting all personal information placed in its keeping. They appointed an accountable manager to ensure the organization’s compliance with this Privacy Policy (Law 25). Publimaison may delegate other employees to act on the behalf of the privacy manager or to assume day-to-day responsibility for the collection or processing of such data. Publimaison is transparent about its privacy policies.
If you have any questions about the processing and disclosure of your personal information, please direct your concerns to the privacy manager:
Vincent Tremblay
400 – 275, rue Du Parvis, Quebec (Quebec) G1K 6G7
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Search Properties

Publimaison offers 3 distinct sections in which you can search :
1.       Properties for sale
2.       New builds for sale
3.       Properties for rent

You can search through these sections using the search engine appearing at the top of every page of the site.

Select initially the desired section (for sale, new, for rent). Then, specify your criteria and launch the search.  You can display the result as a list or directly on the map according to your preference.

Once the result is displayed, you can filter even more with other parameters such as :
1.       More recent first (or vice versa)
2.       Only sold or rented properties
3.       Less expensive first (or vice versa)
4.       Properties posted since 3 days, 7 days, 30 days, since forever
5.       Featured properties, etc.

Note that once these filters are activated, they are saved and remain active for your next search.  Thus, if you want to change your criteria, you will need to disable or change your filters selection.
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What are the accepted payment methods?

Payments via Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted.
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What is "My Alerts"?

With "My Alerts", you can be notified quickly when a property that matches your criteria becomes listed on Publimaison.caTM.

To set up an alert, select the characteristics of the property you are looking for. As soon as a property that matches your preferences becomes listed, an alert will be emailed to you and the property will be added to your My Alerts section. You can then readily access the listing when you like.

Note that to use this feature, you must first have created your FREE user profile.
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What is "My Favourites"?

The "My Favourites" function allows you to save for later review properties that interest you.

Any listing can be added to your favourites. First, sign in to your profile then, in a listing that interests you, click on the small "heart" and the listing is added to My Favourites. To access your favourites at any time, sign into the My Profile section then click on My Favourites.

Note that to use this feature, you must first have created your FREE user profile.

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What is "My Mortgage"?

"My Mortgage", which is located in My Profile, allows you to enter data on your mortgage (the amount of your downpayment, interest rate and amortization) so that the system automatically calculates mortgage payments for every PublimaisonTM listing you visit. The monthly payment will automatically be displayed to the right of the property’s main photo, giving you an idea of the amount of your monthly mortgage payments, based on the asking price.

You may also want to negotiate the price, since generally the asking price differs from the final sale price. Use the mortgage calculator located at the bottom of each cutsheet to look at different pricing scenarios and calculate monthly payments different from the one displayed.

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What is “Bumping up”?

With the “bumping up” option, you can reposition your listing to the top of the list, as if you were posting it for the first time. Available in your profile, this option not only places your listing in the top position in the search results, but enables you to do so without having to start over from scratch.
Obviously, as new listings are added, your listing will eventually be bumped down from the top of the page. How long it will remain at or near the top is dependent on the number of listings posted by other users.
However, once bumped, your listing immediately benefits from greater exposure and potentially more queries. In terms of overall exposure, that provided by a bumped listing remains less than that generated by a “Featured Listing” or a “Property of the Week”, options that you may wish to consider.
If you need to sell quickly, consult the section “Promote my listings”, accessible right in your profile, and discover all the tools Publimaison offers to help you sell more quickly by increasing your listing’s exposure.
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What is a "Featured Property"? And a "Property of the Week"?

Publimaison’s popularity means that it brings together a maximum number and extensive range of properties for sale in one easy-to-navigate place! Whether you’re a private seller, real estate broker or new home builder, you can pay to have your property featured and benefit from the increased exposure among the thousands of listings.

"Featured Property"
The "Featured Property" section on the home page is used to prominently display specific listings, allowing house hunters and other property buyers to quickly view all featured properties by price range. When you purchase this option, you automatically increase your property’s exposure and the likelihood that it will sell sooner.

"Property of the Week"
The "Property of the Week" which is displayed prominently on the home page next to the search engine, provides a listing with maximum exposure. This "privileged" area features a detailed description and a larger picture and is viewed by thousands of people every day as soon as they access the Publimaison.caTM website. With this option, you have the advantage of maximum exposure, which increases your chances of selling your property quickly.
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What is the purpose of an "Open House"?

It is all part of the sales process. Organizing an open house requires good planning, one critical step of which is to inform as many potential buyers as possible that they can view the property at that time.

PublimaisonTM enables you to advertise your open house up to 14 days prior. A red tag will appear on your listing, alerting potential buyers that an open house is planned. Open houses are an effective way to draw attention to your property and help you sell as quickly as possible.
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Why buy a package or a "pick-and-pay" option?

Publimaison.caTM makes it easy for you to submit listings, free of charge, for properties you wish to sell.

The "pick-and-pay" options and the listing packages allow you to get additional services for a nominal fee. These are by no means mandatory, but enable you to increase your property’s exposure (via Property of the Week, Featured Properties, by adding more pictures, more words, or a URL), announce an open house or create a virtual tour (PublimaisonTM Virtual Floorplan) to avoid unnecessary viewings and make the most of your time. You can also obtain statistics (Analytics) on the number of times your listing is accessed, which can help you determine whether you need to finetune your sale strategy.
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Why create "My Profile" on Publimaison?

We know that your time is valuable and that is why we have developed the "My Profile" area. This area can help you throughout the process of shopping for a property (for buyers) or with the registration and management of your listing (for sellers).
Creating a profile enables you to:
  • Save your mortgage preferences in the automated mortgage calculator in "My Mortgage";
  • Save properties for future reference in "My Favourites";
  • Save your search criteria and set up alerts in "My Alerts" for new properties that match your criteria;
  • Receive newsletters via email;
  • Submit a listing free of charge.
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