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Selling with a professional

Although it is trendy right now in Quebec to sell by yourself, a high percentage of individuals still prefer to trust a real estate professional.

Your property is already in the hands of a broker?

Has your broker suggested to list your house on Publimaison to reach more buyers and sell faster? It's free, and with 3 million page views per month, Publimaison is one of the most visited real estate website in Quebec!

Ask your broker to complete your marketing efforts by listing your property FOR FREE on Publimaison. You will reach more buyers and benefit from:

1.    A FREE listing until it's sold;
2.    3 million page viewed by buyers, per month;
3.    Promotion or your property through our real estate alerts (250,000 emails sent to buyers per month).

Sell faster with Publimaison!

It's on everybody's lips: the more it's seen, the faster it's sold... And with 95% of buyers doing their first screening on the web, maximizing your visibility is a must.

Looking for a broker? We can refer one to you

Several individuals start selling by themselves, but then choose to get help from a broker after a certain time. If you feel the need to refer to a professional, we can suggest one in your area.

With 95% of buyers doing their first screening on the web, the success of your sale largely depends on the visibility you get on the internet. Which is why by choosing a broker referred by Publimaison, you guarantee your visibility. Indeed, not only will you be listed on Centris, but also on one of the most viewed real estate websites in Quebec.

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"Hello, I received my signs this afternoon, they're very beautiful and I'm very impressed with your service. Thank you very much, it will be a pleasure to promote your Web site at my cottage. Have a good day!" Helene – Blainville


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