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Privacy Policy

Last update: 2014, March 18th
The Privacy Policy of Publimaison Inc., a company doing business under the name of Publimaison and Publimaison.ca (“PublimaisonTM”), sets forth the statement that PublimaisonTM has put in place to establish the rules that govern the processing of the personal information of the users of its Website www.publimaison.ca (the “Website”). PublimaisonTM is sensitive to matters concerning the protection of the personal information of Internet users and wishes to collaborate with the users of its Website by providing them with information about the security safeguards put in place on the Website and the way in which PublimaisonTM manages the personal information so as to promote respect for Users’ privacy.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you (“You” or “User”) about the types of personal information that PublimaisonTM collects and/or uses and may disclose to a third party in certain specific cases.

By accessing and browsing the Website and activating any or all of the hyperlinks of the Website, you confirm your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and your understanding of its scope of application.

Please read the following lines carefully and refer to them periodically to be kept up to date on the changes and updates that may be made to them. PublimaisonTM reserves the right to revise and modify the terms of this Privacy Policy, from time to time, without prior notice. Following the modification of this Privacy Policy, the continued use by the User of the Website will constitute the User’s acceptance of the modifications. The User is responsible for periodically reviewing this Privacy Policy and any updates or changes to it.

Note that notwithstanding the foregoing, the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website will continue to govern the rights and obligations of the User and PublimaisonTM.

User Consent

At PublimaisonTM our goal is to limit, as much as possible, the collection of personal information on the Website. However, when personal information needs to be obtained from the User, PublimaisonTM makes every reasonable effort to explicitly request the User’s prior consent. The User may withdraw or limit this consent, by unsubscribing to the services offered on the Website or by changing his or her profile. The User may also use the above-mentioned contact information to communicate with the representative responsible for the protection of personal information for PublimaisonTM. However, withdrawing or limiting this consent may result in certain functionalities or services offered on the Website no longer being accessible or available, in whole or in part. “Personal information” means any information about an identifiable individual person. The type of personal information that PublimaisonTM may collect, use and disclose through the Website may include your name, mailing address (including the postal code), telephone number and email address.

The collection and processing of personal information
In special circumstances, for example, when creating a profile or an account in the name of the User, voluntary registration for the different services for publishing listings, purchasing packages, taking part in a contest or survey, sending promotions, catalogues or emails or to answer general questions, PublimaisonTM requires that you enter your name, address (including the postal code), telephone number and/or email address in a form that appears on-screen. Depending on the situation, the User has the option of limiting the scope of personal information that he or she communicates. The User can also instruct certain categories of users to not communicate with him or her, having agreed that PublimaisonTM has no control over unsolicited offers that may be made to the User, given the public nature of certain personal information available on the Website.

Also, when You purchase a product or service from PublimaisonTM that is available on the Website, You will be required to send certain personal information or financial data, such as your credit card number and its expiry date, in order to complete the online transaction. However, credit card payments are managed by Desjardins (Services de cartes Desjardins (SCD)) (“Desjardins”), an entity independent from PublimaisonTM, which is known for its secure online payment services. Upon confirming this choice of payment method, you will access the Desjardins website and, at that point, You will be governed by its terms and conditions of use and its privacy policy. It will be your responsibility to review them. No personal information sent by the User to Desjardins will be remitted to PublimaisonTM.
In addition, the voluntary transmission via email of a User’s personal information to PublimaisonTM is not covered by this Privacy Policy. You must thus always demonstrate caution when You send personal information via this means of communication as You are sending this information at your own risk. PublimaisonTM will not be held responsible in this regard. At all times, PublimaisonTM encourages You to remain cautious and attentive when You surf the Internet.
Reasons for collecting personal information

The collection of personal information pertaining to the User enables PublimaisonTM to, above all, be able to permit any User to communicate with PublimaisonTM when placing an ad on the Website. The collection of personal information also enables PublimaisonTM to provide You with a service tailored to your preferences, and to email You, from time to time, information.
Limitations of the disclosure of personal information

As a general rule, PublimaisonTM uses the personal information collected regarding a User for internal purposes only. Except as regards the personal information that You agree to disclose within the framework of an ad on the Website, it is important to clarify that the persons listing property, other clients or partners of PublimaisonTM do not at any time have access to the personal information concerning you. Only PublimaisonTM can access this information sent via the Website. If personal information were to be asked of You for another reason, You would automatically and expressly be notified at the same time the information is requested. No personal information will be made available to third parties without your prior and explicit consent. We wish to also indicate that all personal information collected on the Website is saved in sections that cannot be accessed by the public.
PublimaisonTM uses or provides a User’s personal information only for the purposes for which a User has given his or her consent. PublimaisonTM does not sell or transmit to third parties, in any way whatsoever, the personal information collected on any User, it being agreed that it can, however, disclose to third parties or sell statistics that it collects when conducting a survey that does not involve the collection of personal information.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is recognized that PublimaisonTM will be entitled to disclose personal User information under the following restricted circumstances: if a competent regulatory authority requires us to do so or in good faith in view of the fact that this action would be needed for PublimaisonTM to: (a) comply with laws or regulations in force; (b) intervene or take action with respect to legal action taken or lawsuit filed against PublimaisonTM ; (c) protect and defend the rights or property of PublimaisonTM or those of the other users of  the PublimaisonTM Website; and (d) take action or undertake steps, under exceptional circumstances, to protect the personal security of the other users of the PublimaisonTM  Website, or that of the general public.
Security Safeguards 

PublimaisonTM has adopted reasonable security safeguards for its Website in order to protect, according to the means available, the personal information of Users against unauthorized reproduction, access, or use. In particular, PublimaisonTM servers are protected by firewall technology. However, no security safeguard is 100% secure and You must consequently be aware that there is always a certain limited risk that personal information transmitted by You to PublimaisonTM might be involuntarily or illegally appropriated or disclosed by third parties, without fault on the part of PublimaisonTM and without your permission. PublimaisonTM declines all responsibility with respect to the fact that such personal information regarding You may be appropriated or disclosed without authorization, except in the case of gross negligence or gross fault on the part of PublimaisonTM. The User is responsible for informing PublimaisonTM in writing as soon as the User is aware of an appropriation or unauthorized disclosure of his or her personal information so that PublimaisonTM may take the appropriate steps in a timely manner.
Use of cookies

“Cookies” make it more convenient to surf the Internet. PublimaisonTM uses an element of your browser called a “cookie” in order to recognize the IP address of your computer and to monitor traffic and compile statistics concerning the Website. A cookie is a data file that is copied on to the hard drive of a User accessing a website, as is the case with you access the Website. The cookie can improve both convenience and speed when the User browses the Website by saving data concerning the User’s past visits to the Website, the User’s profile or preferences.
The use of cookies on the Web has become standard practice. Most Internet browsers will accept them by default. If you so choose, you may, at any time, change your parameters to disallow the use of cookies on the Website. However, in doing so, you will be unable to access the full features of the Website.
On the one hand, PublimaisonTM uses cookies to determine or estimate the number of hits, anonymously, on the Website. Each User who accesses the Website is assigned a unique cookie that allows PublimaisonTM to determine the number of repeat visits, as opposed to the initial visit.
While the information cannot be used to identify a User, cookies provide important data for the PublimaisonTM marketing department.  Indeed, this information enables us to inform advertisers of the total number of visitors to the Website over a given period and the length of each visit. In turn, it enables these advertisers to estimate or measure the probable or actual impact of their ads posted on the Website. It also allows us to determine our ad rates. While this information helps our advertisers buy ad space on the Website, it does not allow them to identify You individually.

On the other hand, PublimaisonTM use cookies to offer You personalized services, for example, specialty content, your favourites, etc. To access these services, PublimaisonTM asks that You complete an online “Quick registration” form, supplying certain personal information to have access to “My Profile” where information on your indicated content preferences, packages or activities announced may be selected in certain sections of the Website. Upon registration, a cookie file is created and stored on your computer, enabling us to recognize you every time you visit the Website, unless you delete all your cookies in the “Internet Options” section of your browser.

These cookies are used by PublimaisonTM for the sole purpose of offering the content or ads that correspond to the User’s geographic location, allowing the User to derive optimal use of the Website. Your information remains strictly for the use of PublimaisonTM and is not accessible by any of our clients, partners, advertisers or other outside parties.
Access requests

Any User who communicated his or her personal information to PublimaisonTM through the Website is entitled to consult, correct or update the personal information concerning him or her by changing his or her online profile and by presenting a written request to the person in charge of the protection of personal information mentioned in the Privacy Policy. Should such a request be sent to PublimaisonTM, the latter will see to following up on it with diligence. PublimaisonTM will also see to indicating to the User which personal information concerning the User was collected and to giving access to this information by sending the User a copy of it, where applicable. Should PublimaisonTM not be able to give access to certain personal information collected, PublimaisonTM will explain to the User the reason for the impediment and the recourse available to him or her in such a case. Access to the personal information held in a User’s file by the User is free of charge. However, reasonable fees may be charged to the User in order to compensate for the cost to transcribe, reproduce or transmit the personal information. In such a case, the User will be notified beforehand of the amount that could be billed to him/her.

Retention and destruction of personal information

PublimaisonTM may retain a file regarding a User containing personal information collected through the Website. PublimaisonTM uses, communicates or retains this personal information as long as PublimaisonTM may require it. PublimaisonTM will see to establishing maximum retention periods and procedures relative to the retention and secure destruction of the personal information, for the sake of conserving the confidentiality of the information.

Communication with PublimaisonTM

For any complaints or questions pertaining to a User’s personal information or the application and interpretation of this Privacy Policy, please contact the person in charge of the protection of personal information at PublimaisonTM (Personal information manager) at the following email address:  serviceclientele@publimaison.ca

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