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Terms of Payment

Terms and Conditions of Payment and Information Security

You can conduct online transactions with PUBLIMAISONTM with confidence. The information that you submit concerning you and your credit card is sent in the form of an electronic message that is encrypted, guaranteeing the confidentiality of its contents. As such, the message cannot be intercepted, altered or decoded by a third party.

PUBLIMAISON meets SSL secure information transmission standards, which means that all transactions are sent securely. In addition, your payment is made directly with Desjardins Internet Payment Services.

PUBLIMAISON does not store credit card details or information. That is why you are asked to provide your credit card details for any subsequent transactions.
Online purchases on our Website can be paid only by credit card (VISA and MasterCard).

PUBLIMAISON’s permanent address is in Canada. We are currently unable to deliver products outside of Canada.
All prices are in Canadian dollars. Applicable federal and provincial taxes are calculated just before proceeding with your payment.

After having entered your order information in the appropriate section of the Website, you can then submit your order by completing the form and selecting the desired services (including your chosen listing package(s)). Before you finalize an order with PUBLIMAISON by clicking on the “Order” button you are responsible for verifying the services being ordered (e.g. type of package(s), the option(s) and duration of each, etc.), the prices and invoicing details and, where applicable, you are responsible for correcting any errors or inaccuracies in your order. If you are unable to correct an error or inaccuracy, you must, without delay, notify PUBLIMAISON in writing, in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined herein, and immediately refrain from confirming your order until the problem is resolved. Otherwise, once your order is confirmed, you will be emailed confirmation of your purchase, accompanied by an invoice and the Agreement, in digital form, within two (2) days. You are also responsible for printing a copy of the order confirmation email so as to verify the information in your purchase confirmation message and review the terms and conditions of the Agreement, where applicable. At that time, you, as a User of the Website, will have thirty (30) days to correct the invoice, provided that you are able to demonstrate that the invoice is erroneous or inaccurate. After the 30-day period, the invoice details will be deemed to be accurate.

Refund or exchange
No refund or exchange will be made under any circumstances; the service is deemed provided “as is”.
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