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6 things to consider when choosing a rental accomodation

You'll want to make sure that you choose an area where you'd feel comfortable and is, overall, a nice place to live. Though that overall impression is the primary element to take into consideration, it's wise to closely examine certain other aspects so as to avoid unpleasant surprises:

1.     The neighbourhood

Familiarize yourself with the neighbourhood in order to get a good feel for it and ask residents about noise issues that could seriously detract for your quality of life. Depending on your requirements, check into public transit, parking spots or businesses close by.

2.     Natural light

Try to determine the building's orientation. An apartment on the north side means little direct sun and may be very dark. The ideal exposure is southwest, which provides maximum natural light. Not only is a sunny apartment bathed in light, it will also be warmer and cheaper to heat.

3.     Appliances and building basics

Test the appliances and other equipment supplied. Do not hesitate to open the windows and doors or run the water  to check the pressure. Also, make sure that the closets and storage spaces available would meet your needs. In addition, if you rent a furnished or semi-furnished unit, check the condition of the furniture and/or appliances.

4.     Heating

Does the rent include heating or is heating extra? If possible, try to find out what the heating costs are for the unit. If heating is on top of the rent, you should make sure that you wouldn't be left with an unacceptably high heating bill because the building is poorly insulated...a bill that could push your total monthly payments beyond your means.

5.     Noise in the building

Do not overlook soundproofing. You'll not want to hear everything that goes on in the neighbouring units. Viewing a unit at the end of the work day, when people are returning home, may give you a good idea of the noise levels in the building.

6.     Parking

How many parking spots are assigned to the unit? One or two? Is there an additional charge for a second spot or is there a discount if you don't require a parking spot? Is there any guest parking?

In closing, don't hesitate to negotiate and above all, before signing a lease, ask yourself this question: "Can I see myself living here?".
"Wow, wow, wow, thanks to you, I finally found the house of my dreams in Beauport. Kindely" Nicole - Beauport


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