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Tips and Advice for Selling

Organizing a successful open house

The Internet: the tool for selling your property quickly

Did you know that 95% of house hunters or property buyers shop on the Internet?

That means that the surest way to sell your property quickly is to have your listing on as many websites as possible.

For valuable tips on how to sell your property quickly, consult the articles below and do like thousands of other sellers have done in the past year: post your listing FREE OF CHARGE on PublimaisonTM.

Organizing a successful open house
Holding an open house is an excellent way to attract potential buyers. An open house provides them with an opportunity to visit your home, generally at a specific time—between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on the weekend.  However, there is nothing stopping you from holding one at a different time or on other days.
The following are some tips for ensuring that your open house is a real success:
  • Well-lit rooms are always most attractive. Before you show your property, draw the curtains, turn on all lights, including outside entrance lights, those in closets, the basement and attic, even when it’s broad daylight.
  • Certain people do not tolerate pets well. If you have any pets, leave them in the yard or ask a friend to look after them during your open house.
  • Some potential buyers may feel ill at ease if you accompany them while they visit your home. If possible, let them discover your property on their own.
  • A homey atmosphere helps buyers imagine living in your house. Set the dining room table as if you were having company for dinner and light a few candles.
  • All of your property’s strong points can quickly be trumped by odours. You may not be aware of any odours in your home, as you are accustomed to them, but odours can discourage potential buyers. Before showing your property, ask people for their opinion. 
  • Light a few perfumed candles to create a pleasant atmosphere and to dissipate odours. Before your open house, cut a few lemons and steep them, along with cinnamon sticks, in boiling water.
  • Rarely is chaos a selling point. Tidy up your property and ensure that it looks fresh, clean and well kept in buyers’ eyes.
  • Offer visitors refreshments to encourage them to stay longer and to generate discussion.
  • Turn off all televisions and any other sources of distraction (though you can leave background music on).
PublimaisonTM offers you the option of advertising your open house. Consult the “Promote My Listing” section, accessible via your profile, to select this option. 

Get feedback

Ask visitors for any comments they may have.

What did they like most about your property? What didn’t they like? What could or should be changed or improved?

The most pertinent recommendations will guide you in making the necessary adjustments or improvements.

Other important elements

It is a good idea to have documents handy to offer visitors (cutsheets with photos, tax info, recent work completed, etc.).

When visitors leave, it is important that they see your house as being well-maintained and that they can picture themselves living there.
  • Keep an up-to-date list of visitors so that you can follow up by telephone,  if necessary.
  • Advertise your open house through PublimaisonTM. An open house, alone or associated with one of our affordable packages, will generate additional exposure on the market and will improve your chances of selling more quickly.

How to create a listing that sells

Your descriptive text, accompanied by the primary photo of your property, plays a key role: it is the potential buyer’s very first contact with your property.
A well-written descriptive text can greatly influence buyers. To ensure that yours captures and retains their interest, here are a few tips:
  • Start by listing your property’s strong points, such as a cathedral ceiling, a walk-in closet, a finished basement, a large landscaped lot, etc. Choose the strong points that are most likely to pique the reader’s interest.
  • Make sure that your text is concise and presents a faithful…and flattering…overview of your property. Avoid including superfluous details.
  • Avoid long sentences, which are hard to follow, or complicated wording.
  • Use short paragraphs rather than one long one. People are more inclined to read something when the text appears shorter.
  • Avoid duplication of text, that is, repeating information that already appears in your technical specs.
  • Indicate your asking price. Do not use “price available upon request” or “please contact” because most people will not bother contacting you for the price. Not indicating your asking price can thus eliminate potential buyers.
You can choose to add more text to your listing by opting for one of our affordable packages that includes this option.

To complement your listing and retain potential buyers’ interest, you can also include the virtual floorplan. This enables people to visualize the layout of your property.

Capitalize on good photos to attract more buyers

The purchase of a property is a matter of love-at-first-sight. With that in mind, incorporating good photos in your listing is an important aspect of your marketing plan, and will encourage people to request a viewing.
It is above all the photo of the exterior of your property that will attract potential buyers and, accordingly, it is this photo that you should use as your main photo in your listing.  If you know that you will be listing your house in the winter or early spring, take photos of it and your yard in the summer, if possible, so that potential buyers can see it in its prime.
Aesthetics are very important. Before taking your photos, make sure that your house is clean and tidy (make the beds, put things away). Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few bits of advice:
  • Try to take photos that will highlight your property’s strong points. For example, if you have a large yard and, what is more, you have no neighbours in the back, make sure that you have at least one photo of your yard in your listing. It’s a definite selling point.
  • Avoid dark photos. Before taking any photos, make sure that each room has the best lighting possible. 
  • Take a number of photos of the same room. For example, take one using a flash and another without. You’ll later be able to choose the best photos. 
  • Eliminate photos that are blurry or out of focus.
  • When taking a photo in the direction of a window during the day, use a flash.
  • Take your outdoor photos on a sunny day with a nice blue sky.
  • Avoid taking photographs into the sun (or light source).
  • Try a number of different angles so that you can choose the ones that most flatter your property.
  • Declutter your house and  clear off the kitchen and bathroom counters and other cluttered surfaces. Your photos will be more effective if these rooms do not appear overloaded.
In short, the most important thing is to provide photos. People will request a viewing only if they can see your property. The more photos you have to present your property, the easier it will be to attract potential buyers.
You can add more photos to your listing through one of our affordable, cost-effective listing packages that includes this option. PublimaisonTM  also makes it possible for you to match your photos with your virtual floorplan, enabling people to see how your house is laid out and better visualize each room.

If you prefer, you can ask a professional photographer to help you. Consult the section Resources and Support  to find one.

Reach a greater number of buyers

To sell a property quickly, it often takes more than word-of-mouth. Reaching a large number of potential buyers will assuredly make all the difference.

If you want to find the right buyer, you must showcase your property, advertise it well and draw attention to it. Today, the Internet is the most effective means of quickly reaching thousands of potential buyers.

PublimaisonTM offers you options such as Property of the WeekFeatured ListingsOpen House or Virtual Floorplan which are effective tools at attracting the attention of more buyers to your property, at minimal cost.
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